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Le Benhuyc - BinicLe Benhuyc - BinicLe Benhuyc - Binic
Le Benhuyc - BinicLe Benhuyc - BinicLe Benhuyc - Binic
Le Benhuyc - BinicLe Benhuyc - BinicLe Benhuyc - Binic

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The hotel's environmental commitments 

Ever conscious of preserving the environment and of environmental issues, our establishment has developed an environmental policy.

To reduce our ecological footprint by continually improving our ecological performance and in order to provide the highest standard of services for our guests, we have fixed the following objectives:

  1. Reduce energy consumption and favour renewable energy 
  2. Reduce water consumption 
  3. Limit waste production and ensure the best waste repurposing 
  4. Favour the use of renewable ressources and substances less harmful to the environment 
  5. Raise awareness about environmental issues 

Our environmental approach

In order to reach our objectives, we have put the following measures into effect:

  • Use of low consuumption lightbulbs to reduce our electricity consumption.
  • Use of recycling bins to facilitate sorting and implementing measures to reduce waste at the source.
  • Use of eco-friendly cleaning products (100%).
  • Use of rechargeable or recycled products.  
  • Staff training on eco-friendly gestures and good practices.
  • Inviting our guests to support us through information on eco-friendly gestures and protecting the environment.
  • Favouring local products to reduce transport.
Le Benhuyc - Binic

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